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Peter Travell

Actor, Director, Producer involved in amateur theatre for 30 years.

I spent my career in IT and now run the website which supports amateur theatre groups and societies.

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Loosely based on the poem by Edward Lear. Freddie Owl returns from exile a rich man and drives his brother Terry Owl and Tabitha Kat away. They elope to Bong Tree Island where they are married by Parson Turk using a nose ring from Periwinkle Peeg who lives on the island with her sister Peppa, as a wedding ring. Freddie is trying to evict his mother Hilda Owl from her cottage as he has a deal with Supermarket Lidal to buld on the site. Terry and Tabitha return with Periwinkle who Freddie married then abandoned taking all her money and jewels with him. Periwinkle ensures that he and his cohorts are arrested. All are happy ever after.



Set roughly in the Victorian age.

Marmaduke Muffet owns the Pickle Factory he employs Peter Piper as Chief Pickle Blender. Peterís blend of pickles has sold very well and made Marmaduke a rich man.

Peter wants to marry Marmadukeís daughter Molly but Maramaduke thinks that Peter as an employee is below his daughter and is refusing to countenance the marriage.

Peter is blending a new chutney, which Marmaduke is trying to sell to Joan Lewis of Wallrose.

A new family have moved in to the village. Widow Black and her son Jethro (Jet) Black. Widow Black marries rich old men who die shortly after marriage. She has a magical pendant necklace, which binds the old men to her when they look directly at the stone in the centre. The stone of course is nestled in her bosom. Widow Black wants Marmaduke to marry her and she wants her son Jethro to take over the factory. Jethro Black (Jet) decides to discredit Peter to get him out of the way.

Darren (Dazzer) and Davey Rotter are two market traders who have come to town to sell counterfeit perfume. Jet comes across them and hires them to spike Peter's latest and newest batch of pickle. Jethro tells Dazzer and Davey that he is playing a prank on Peter and the lure of money makes them take on the job. Dazzer and Davey manage to spike the pickles before Joan Lewis comes to taste the new blend. Itís awful and Widow Black persuades Marmaduke that it is all Peterís fault. Peter gets sacked.

Dazzer and Davey remonstrate with Jethro and Widow Black but they threaten to report Dazzer and Davey to the law saying that Dazzer and Davey stole the money the Blackís actually gave them. Dazzer and Davey go to Peter and Polly and they come up with a plan to expose Widow Black and Jethro so that Peter can recover his position. They manage to do this with the help of Peter, Polly, Molly and Willy.

At the end of the panto Widow Blackís pendant gets ripped from her throat and she rushes off stage. She reappears in the same clothes but she is not lovely any more, the magic has gone! All makeup gone, different wig, no bosom - from beauty to frump!

Peter and Molly marry. Marmaduke retires. Peter takes over as MD of the Pickle Factory. Polly and Willy are promoted. Widow Black is made to be the Cleaner and Tea Lady and Jethro becomes the Odd Job Man.

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Books by Peter Travell



The three children were on holiday and it had been raining for days. They were bored stiff until the hotel owner allowed them to go up to the attic to find something to keep them amused. They found an adventure!

An old sea chest and a ghostly apparition sets them on the path to discover Cap'n Billy Bones' treasure. A map of the coast, a rhyme written by Billy Bones telling of the treasure. A midnight visitation from Cap'n Billy's ghost warns of danger.

A cliff path, a smugglers' cave, a trap door, a hidden cellar and a secret tunnel all lead to danger. They're trapped, the sea in front of them, an immovable trap door behind. Will they be rescued, will they survive?

Paperback and Kindle

CEDRIC The Little Lost Dragon

CEDRIC The Little Lost Dragon

It was a lovely summerís day at the end of the school holidays. The three children were on their way to the woods for a picnic when a series of smoke rings floating through the sky lead them to find Cedric, a baby Dragon, lost and hiding down a rabbit burrow. Cedricís fire has gone out, heís cold, alone and frightened.

The children befriend Cedric who explains how he became separated from his family during a long flight south.

Cedric meets the childrenís Daddy and Mummy and they listen to Cedricís story. A plan is devised to help Cedric find his family again.

Can they relight Cedricís flame? Will he find his family or will he be lost forever?

Paperback and Kindle

Songs Sung by Peter Travell

Christmas 2012
It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Santa Claus is coming To Town
Silent Night
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
The Christmas Song
White Christmas
Silver Bells
Let It Snow
Winter Wonderland

All The Way
All of Me
All My Tomorrows
Come Fly With Me
Fly Me To The Moon
I Get a Kick Out of You
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter
In The Wee Small Hours of The Morning
I've Got You Under My Skin
Lady is a Tramp
Mind If I Make Love To You
Moonlight in Vermont
Nice and Easy Does It
Pennies From Heaven
Tender Trap
World on a String
You Make Me Feel So Young
Young At Heart

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